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You can also manually adjust the brightness by dragging the slider. To adjust the color settings, click the "Color" tab. Mac Minis manufactured between early and mid come with a Mini DisplayPort instead of a Thunderbolt port. If your Mac Mini was manufactured in or earlier, it has a DVI video output port on the back, which connects to any VGA cable for use on a monitor. If you aren't certain which model you have, you can check on the Apple website see Resources to identify the model from its serial number.

This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. My brother-in-law used to run a granite business.

Dual 2560x1440 monitors to late 2012 mac mini

This was one of the custom-made desks he had. When he downsized the business, I got to have it. It weighs the better part of lbs. Have you you got your set-up working? If so, how is it please?

Patrick M: Did you have any trouble daisy-chaining the two Thunderbolt displays? I assume they are not merely mirrored?

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Is this sort of combination only possible with the Apple Thunderbolt daisy-chained set-up? Hi Richard, I have no issues daisy-chaining them.


Thanks for posting this. Sweet setup. This post confirmed my choice. This is a great setup, Patrick. It is definitely something I want to duplicate in my home office when I upgrade from my inch iMac. Thanks so much for the inspiration!! Do you get that much comfort out of it? Is it better for your back or posture? I use a kind of junky generic office chair, I have long wondered if the fancier chairs are worth the hefty expense. Absolutely it is. A comfortable chair is key. Find one which is truly comfortable. Wow what an awesome desk, both hardware and the physical desk itself is just beautiful.

Where do you even get a piece of granite that size? Do you have to have it custom cut?

And what on earth is it resting on to support lbs of rock plus the hardware? I imagine it cost a small fortunate based on the price of granite countertops for a house… but would love to know more. They would do custom pieces for countertops, kitchens, etc. He had about 6 desks like this in the office, mostly to impress customers.

When he downsized the business, I asked for one of the desks.

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The entire thing is custom. Granite is incredibly strong, I have stood on the desk before and it holds my lb. He told me if I could haul it away I could have it. I got it for free about 9 years ago, I definitely plan on keeping it forever. The size is damn near perfect for what I do, and I especially like the arc in the front.

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Neat setup! Where exactly in the comments is it? Currently am using a Mac book pro 2. Then two Unitek USB external display adapters drive two other by monoprice screens. Whenever I try a third by , does not work; however, if fifth screen is by , that works.

How to setup two monitors mac mini+cablecreation active mini dp to dvi adapter review

But… can be rather slow for some tasks; also, for starting up in the morning or restarting during trading day. So, would like to go to six screens this fall.

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Wondering if basic Mac Pro best; or, if should go with D or D graphics; or, if a used Mac Pro with multiple graphics cards would do the job as well and as reliably. More than six screens, if no performance delays, would be even better! Lots of screens to scan at critical times. Also, would 4 core basic cpu at faster clock speed be best, or are 6, 8 or more cores better for this application, even if at slower ghz speeds?

I know your post is almost a year old, but I thought I should reply. There is no advantage to the D or D, if you are using the machine exclusively for trading.

Question: Mac Mini 2014 triple monitor setup

It works beautifully. I would recommend faster clock speed, so go with the 4 core machine. Now that they have come out with mavericks Mine ran fine, then upgraded,and now can only use two.

Sad commentary since it was supposed to be an improvement! I am running one dell monitor and two projectors with Apple has them and a few others. The type of adapter determines how many displays can be connected. For more information on this, check out this Apple Support Document. Can you great folks at OWC confirm this for me us? All the monitors were connected pure without adapters with most being displayport to mini displayport cables, and the Apple Display has an attached cable that goes out to mini display port.

Passive adapters will only allow for two DVI monitors to be attached. Each with independent wallpaper, monitor specific taskbar, and overall really zippy. It handles anything I throw at it.