Mac pro tower ssd upgrade

Here are a few adapters that should work with Mac Pro drive sleds.

Mac Compatible Solid-State SSD Drive Recommendations

The other option is to replace the existing Mac Pro drive sled with a sled designed for both the 2. Apple used two different drive sled designs. Earlier models require a different solution, such as the adapters mentioned above. If getting the last ounce of performance out of an SSD upgrade is important, you can do it using one of two approaches.

By connecting directly to your Mac's PCIe 2. PCIe-based SSD cards are available in multiple configurations; the two most common types use built-in SSD modules or allow you to install one or more standard 2. In either case, you end up with a fast 6G interface to the SSDs.

If you need more drive space than the four drive bays provide, and adding either a PCIe card or an SSD card still doesn't give you enough space, there are other options for internal storage. The Mac Pro has an additional drive bay that can hold two 5. Most Mac Pros shipped with a single optical drive, leaving an entire 5.

In fact, if you don't mind performing a bit of DIY, you can simply mount a 2. If you want a neater setup, or you wish to install a standard 3. Share Pin Email. Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About. He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc. OWC Mount Pro. Mac Pro drive bay interface:. Reactions: Wiltonian. ActionableMango macrumors G3. Sep 21, 9, 6, DPUser macrumors a.

Jan 17, Rancho Bohemia, California. Samsung EVO, throw it in the second optical bay, install your system and apps, and be amazed. If you have room for your photos there, too, go for it. Speed might be a tad shy of the best SATA3 card, but performance is good and price is unbeatable.

Thessman macrumors regular. Dec 8, 29 GR. I have 2 sm's and a sm , plus 5 HD's for the heavy stuff, and backups. Nov 23, 5, 1, MSastre said:. Jun 5, 1, Australia.

Best SSD Drives For Macs

TheTruth Suspended. Mar 15, I mean I have all my audio software with libraries. The finder starts up in 2 to 3 seconds. That is how fast is in my computer.

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I have 32 GB of ram. The kit I got is to place the SSD in the second optical drive space, so I still have 4 hard drives inside. The other hard drives are for storage and music iTunes. But yes I believe you need to get the 6Giga bit drive speed.

But you will end up with a brand new computer, the difference is super noticeable. I mean, is like changing your rotary phone for an iPhone. What's your definition of small files? In my case, the camera produces RAWs that are mb, and I really don't want to mess around with managing storage. I've been thinking over the idea of setting up my photo drive as a fusion drive, with a gb m2 on a lycom card or similar, given the photos I'm working on are almost always going to be the most recent ones imported, so they're afaik going to be on the ssd portion.

Weighing that against what I do if the machine dies, and I need to access the photos on a machine without a PCI slot. I can drop the spinning drive into an external case or similar, can you put the pcie m2 sticks in an external case, or only the sata ones? Last edited: Apr 21, I personally will avoid fusion drive.

Installing an ACTUAL SSD in a '06 Mac Pro

FD will store the data that have high access rate to the SSD part. That also means, when you first time deal with the photos the 1st time you access it , you may receive zero benefit from FD. SSHD can do the job well.

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  • However, what I suggest is a much simpler method. Get a 1TB Evo. Which serve you as boot drive, and store apps. Put them on SSD still preferable. So, apart from your proper backup, the HDD copy also serve as an extra immediately avail backup of the original files. Or the other way around. All photos now import to the SSD first.

    So that you can start working straight away. You want your large photoshop file stay there? The computer may do exactly the opposite for you. You have no control on it. A single Evo should serve you better higher performance to cost ratio. Just buy the biggest option that within your budget, and try to utilise it as much as possible.

    From your discription, it seems a GB Evo actually enough for your workflow. But if budget OK, a single 1TB should be the simplest solution. If you really want to separate the scratch drive, then you may consider to buy 2 smaller SSD. However, in this case, you have to spend more money on PCIe card etc.

    Which start to make things complicated, and you should have little benefit from it. My single Evo do all the heavy duty for me including serve as scratch drive , zero issue so far. Since there is no mechanical movement inside the SSD, I really can't see why you need another seperate drive for scratch now. Yes, seperate may provide better performance, but importance is not that high if compare to the mechanical HDD.

    It won't corrupt your system file, it won't cause any pre-mature failure, it won't greatly slow down the OS operation. So, my suggestion will be like this. Use CCC to clone on regular basis. You should have no need to touch this drive. The clone is automatically completed in the background.

    All photos stored here, but never work on this HDD. Set it as a lower priority scratch drive. And use it as temporary storage when you need some extra space. This should gives you good performance boost in handling the files. And reasonably good backup.

    SSD Basics

    But I can tell Aperture is difinitely able to benefit from SSD when your are browsing through the photos on it. Some interesting ideas, thanks for taking the time. Is there a penalty for having multiple operations accessing a single SSD at the same time, vs having multiple smaller SSDs?

    That's the specific thing I'm trying to avoid - I don't want to do any manual management of files and space, which is what I was hoping Fusion Drives would do - keep active files, ie anything new, opened or saved, in the ssd portion, while keeping my volumes simple.

    Mac Pro Tower Reborn

    I suppose I can start with a gb ssd for OS and apps, leave my user directory on the spinner, and see how that goes. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here.