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And it is the best I know for Linux. After you fix the output format and destination, you just press the Download and ready ;. Or download from here!! Search any video the video you want to download and then right click on video and click on 'Record Video'.

These Mac apps are great for

On Linux, you can easily download without these websites which have restrictions, waiting time, and spam. You will be able to download single videos, multiple videos, or even a playlist.

As others said, youtube-dl is the solution. You can also select the download media file type. Check this video for the complete tutorial on installing and using youtube-dlg - https: Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Ubuntu Community Ask! Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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How do I download a YouTube video? Ask Question. What are instructions on how to download videos from YouTube? Section 5. And by watching you're display ing it as well.

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  4. How is this the top-rated answer? The idea of this site is to provide solutions to questions, not police Google's policies which laughably, appear to conflict with themselves, anyway Downvoting this, and you all should too. GregoryOpera You know this isn't an answer, this is a question Install it using this command: Original answer: For Firefox users: PaulRougieux it is works with my latest Firefox per this day current version I've tested it downloading several Youtube videos, on my Ubuntu Run sudo apt-get install youtube-dl Or sudo pip install youtube-dl to install command line mode downloader for YouTube.

    Then run youtube-dl YouTube- or-other-website -video-link so it will download the video.

    Using Picture-in-Picture

    If you don't have aptitude , you can use apt-get instead. Please note also that before using sudo aptitude install I recommend to run sudo youtube-dl -U right after apt-get. ThorSummoner You can use --max-quality or --format options. Minitube Minitube is a YouTube desktop application. I'm wondering why no one mention this as well.

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    By the way, a Ubuntu or Linux screen shot would be nice. This is not really what the question was referring to. Can you download youtube videos from here? This doesn't work on my Ubuntu As at May , I checked this out and minitube seems to be a dead project. The newer PAID version is is minitube-ubuntu and you cannot get it for free. Apparently many reveiws on software centre show that the old minitube crashes. This excellent chromium extension seems to have been deleted. Do you know a way to have this functionality yet?

    Thanks in advance. Sorry, youtube doesn't allow to have this kind of extensions. Thank you Jeggy, your suggestion is splendid. I have successfully installed this extension and it's working pretty fine on my Ubuntu system. Nevertheless I find a major issue when trying to install the same extension using your procedure in a Windows Based system, the extension installs but won't work.

    I would appreciate a lot if you provide some of your experience on this issue. It should work just as good on Windows: Great, 4kdownload is good.

    How do you download audio from youtube on a mac - Audio youtube

    May the force be with you!! Let's say you want to download the below video: Savefrom made my day: There is an equivalent: Changed -f to -s; -f is deprecated. First, if you don't have wget , install it: March URL Page: List multiple values just in case the highest quality video is not available, the script will look for the next resolution. The script will always prefer to download the highest resolution video format from the list if available. How many times should the script retry the download if wget fails for any reason?

    Do not make this too high as a reoccurring error will just hit YouTube over and over again. Use this to reverse engineering this code if you are making changes or you are building your own YouTube download script. The page title will be used for the local video file name and the URL will be sanitized and passed to wget for the download. Check the URL. Are we currently downloading this exact same video?

    Two of the same wget processes will overwrite themselves and corrupt the video. Use "ps" if you need to look for the process running or use "ls -al" to look at the file size and date.

    aTube Catcher - Download

    Check if the file exists and we received the correct error code from system call. If the download experienced any problems the script will run again and try continue the download till the file is downloaded. Make it executable, using the following command: Save Location: The video will be saved in your current directory. Peter Mortensen 1, 2 10 I am sure that the OP has aready installed wget since he asked how to used in a particular way. Given that this is a script that only invokes wget and exposes a completely different interface to the user , I would go with the youtube-dl answer instead.

    I use it with the DownThemAll download manager. It can even sniff some streams that are harder to find. They still work for now in Firefox SE First time hear about this. It's awesome! No longer applicable. That link states: I want to suggest a method for downloading YouTube videos using VLC media player in simple four steps: Open the link of the video as network streaming in VLC media player.

    Select media info and copy the location Paste it in your browser's address bar Save it. Instead of saving using browser, I use uGet and now able to resume the download.. Thanks alot: I don't understand why this hasn't got many upvotes!

    This is the most straight forward method I found amongst all. No need to download any external piece of software, and almost everyone uses VLC. Kudos to you.. To install youtube-dl: Recommended way latest version: Install youtube-dl with this command you'll be prompted for your password: To select where to save the video, you can follow these steps: Type cd on the terminal. Press Space Drag the folder from File Manager and drop it on the terminal. If you skip this step, the video will be saved on your home folder.

    To download the video you can use one of these procedures: If do you want to download many videos, you can follow these steps instead of 2. Run the below command: Paste a link. If do you have a plain text file with a list of links, you can download them this way: Type cat on the terminal. Press Space Drag the file form the File Manager and drop it on the terminal. Some final thoughts: On the method 2. There is no need for plugins. This is a simple and excellent solution: You can use these commands: To install the program youtube-dl, type the following commands in your terminal: There are so many ways of downloading YouTube videos.

    Command Line: Then press Continue. Hey, Ale! Not clickbait, I promise — we just tested it ourselves to make sure the shortcut was still working! I'd love to help you figure this out — what app were you using to download the video Safari, YouTube? There are some Youtube clips that cannot be downloaded onto your iPad or iPhone. You can check it first that if there is no "download" button on the right of the "share button" when you open the clip on Youtube app , it means that you cannot download right into your iPad or iPhone as well.

    Works nicely, do you have other shortcuts that works on Twitter, Facebook,Vimeo, it will even be great to have one that can download any video from any site. Thanks, it did work on few but mostly it did not, returns blank image. I'm only trying to download from YouTube. Does it work on facebook too. Sample link: Hey, Thiagu. We're getting the same result from that video. However, this method seems to work for other videos from that creator.