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Port Forwarding (80 to 8080) Using IPFW on Mac OS X

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I'm on Mac OS X I don't put anything in. Chealion 5, 23 Jonathan Mayhak Jonathan Mayhak 1 1 7. When localhost is used to connect unix socket will be used. Your issue seems to more about getting the connection started though.

This should work: If you are connecting to a server other than the one you are sshing into, then try the following: Host desk Hostname sshhost. Good luck, --jed. Jed Daniels Jed Daniels 5, 25 Thanks for the answer!

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I can get the forwarding itself to sort of work. After I have the command set up to forward all requests from port to remote ip and then try to use mysql workbench Is your remote host configured to allow forwarding to other hosts? Does it have a firewall? Is used on the local system you can check with netstat -an grep ?

Jonathan, when you specify the host for mysql, don't use 'localhost'.

macos - How to make a port forward in Mac OS X - Super User

You must specify the full ip addr, Changing your router settings Routers typically assign address to devices on your private network automatically. Click the Finder, then click the Go menu at the top of the screen and choose Utilities. Open AirPort Utility.

How to Port Forward on mac os x 10.3.9

Select the primary AirPort router the first one under Internet and click Edit. Log in as the router administrator. Click Network. Select a standard DHCP range from the list. If you already have devices with static IPs, don't change this value. Set the third digit to a number greater than 1. Set the range for the last number.

Port Forwarding on a Mac

We recommend 5 to Choose a standard service from the Descriptions, or type your own. If they are not automatically filled in with the correct values, add them.

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You can find common ports listed online or with the device's documentation. Enter them here.

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  • Step 2: Add Port Forwarding Rule (80 to 8080).

Click Save. Repeat steps for additional services, ports and devices. Click Update and wait for the router to save and reboot. Other routers Other routers are a little tricky. Open a web browser from any computer on the local private network. On the router page, look for the LAN settings. Set the starting DHCP range to 5. For example, if your local network is Otherwise, change just the last number. If the router won't accept , use On the router page, look for port forwarding. It might be under network, LAN, firewall or advanced.

Port forwarding opens services to remote users through the internet. Add a port forwarding entry. Save the changes and reboot the router. Get more help with Networking. Contact us.