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This is why I typically use the default custom filter which I use to just check a certain week.

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Thank you anyways! Thank you for your nice soft!

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Hi Rainer — I just started using you version 1. When is version 2. I am not complaining as it is free and I appreciate all the help I can get. Keep up the good work!!! Thank You!! Any chance to say when it will be available? The Project column is NOT sortable.

Is this available? That would be a very nice feature, as I currently use the Project column to list Clients. Maybe I will pick it up again at a later time. Would be nice to see Clients column. Or to move a whole Task with all the items to a different Project. Kevin, there is one, check the main toolbar. Hi … I am starting to use the program and entered entries then modified them … the duration seeems to be messed up..

Sometimes this seems to get messed up. That would be the only reason I can think of.

Can you shed some light please? Just restore it to that place and it should pick up everything. This app is wonderful.

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There literally one feature missing to make it perfect. If there was an option of creating CSV files that were compatible, I would be super happy. Do you think it is possible to change that in a near future? I would gladly thank with a donation. The black correction window would open I tried both versions 1. I made some screenshots which I would like to sent by email to illustrate what I mean if you like.

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Time Tracker ist very useful and I use it very often. It would be great if time tracker can connect to a server side script e. The json-objects should be very easy id, projectname, taskname, begin, end.

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So it would be possible for other people to write connectors for serveral online services. Thomas, the thing is that Synchronization is really really hard. My plan is to have some kind of functionality to upload selected changes to a server in my case JIRA. Round tripping is not really very important for me. However, you can enable auto csv-export and have a cron job or something similar upload these files, that would at least be a start.

Again, the App has been great and is the lynchpin of my business. Unfortunately, my move to a newer Mavericks-based Mac has me confused as to where to import my times. Does Mavericks do things differently than previous OS versions? On my machine the files are interested the same place.

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However I will double check when I am back at my mac. Hi, why does it take so long to find a download link. As heat increases, thermal impedance increases, greatly impacting processor and internal component performance. Performing live with a computer is serious business. How-to Optimize Your Mac for Live Performance Have a big gig this weekend and want to make sure everything goes off without a hitch?

Open System Preferences by clicking the System Preferences icon on your dock. Click on Energy Saver. In addition to the above sleep settings, turn off the below options: Put hard disk s to sleep when possible, Wake for network access, and Automatically reduce brightness before display goes to sleep. Click on the AirPort icon in the Apple Menu bar.

In the drop menu click Turn AirPort Off. To turn off Bluetooth, click the Bluetooth icon in the Apple Menu bar. In the drop menu click Turn Bluetooth Off. Click on Spotlight. Click on Privacy. Repeat the above process for each drive you wish to add to the Privacy list.

I'm getting started with creating fonts. I noticed that I'm limited in my creativity when optimizing the kerning, and by the current implementation of the text preview. It would be simpler to choose from the text preview, or from a list of all possible constellations, or optionally to edit the kerning directly in the text preview.

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