How to record voice on mac 2013

Click File, then Save You can then share this file through email or other programs that allow you to upload files. Direkt in den deutschen Mittelstand investieren und feste Zinsen erhalten. Der Artikel wurde versandt. How to easily record audio on your Mac using either of its 2 simple recording apps.

Recording your Mac’s voice

Steven John , Business Insider. Your Mac comes with at least one and likely two simple audio recording tools — QuickTime and Voice Memos — that make use of its built-in microphone, and can work with external audio hardware. For more advanced audio recordings, apps like GarageBand and WavePad offer many options for editing, mixing, and otherwise working with sound on a Mac.

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Step 2: Change the voice

How to record audio on Mac with Voice Memos 1. Open the Voice Memos app.

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Open the QuickTime Player. How to easily record audio on your Mac using either of its 2 simple recording apps How to easily record audio on your Mac using either of its 2 simple recording apps. Bonus: you can save them and listen months or years later for a laugh or poignant moment.

How to record a presentation from PowerPoint with audio and webcam

There are some built-in ways to record audio on Mac systems, but as someone who has done a lot of audio recording, including recording an entire audio book — for Twitter Power 3. Start by downloading a copy of Audacity from Audacityteam. The most important area to pay attention to is smack dab in the middle. See the tiny microphone icon and the adjacent menu Built-in Microph? All you need to do is ensure that it has the correct audio input device selected likely your built-in microphone, but if you want better quality recordings, external microphones from companies like Blue Microphone can make a substantial difference.

iScream - free audio/voice recorder for Mac OS X

To record, all you need to do is click on the red circle near the top, the record button. Then talk and watch the waveforms of your voice:.

Done recording? Click on the yellow square stop button or click again on the record button, either way.

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To review what you recorded, click on the green triangle play button. You can do that by choosing Export from the File menu:. If you forget, it could be in some other format that is less portable. Remember also that MP3 files work great with iPods and even car audio systems too.

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  • Now use the Format pop-up menu to choose the sample rate you want. Higher is generally better, but don't bother to choose a setting that's beyond quality you can hear; if it doesn't sound better to you, don't bump the sample rate up, and there's no point in wasting processor time on something that isn't giving you audio quality beyond what you can hear. Some audio outputs support multichannel. You can set that by clicking Configure Speakers , and then choosing Stereo or Multichannel.

    Use Stereo for 2-speaker setups, and Multichannel for surround sound setups. Every speaker connected to that output will appear, and you can assign specific channels to exactly the speaker you want.

    Record audio narration for your PowerPoint presentation

    From here, you can also drag the blue dot to set panning. I set my D3 to Yep, I'm a little spoiled with my Mac's audio setup.

    Recording Audio for Powerpoint 2016 on a Mac

    My Rode Podcaster mic is set to