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Reasons for MacBook Spinning Wheel to Appear

All these apps like to run on the background so they can notify you in case the new message has come. In MacOS there is no standard uninstall procedure like in Windows. The problem with this approach is that the deleted program may have left some undeleted files on the disk. To truly clean this up you may need to consider disk cleaning utilities.

The list of recommended tools is here. Spotlight Search is a wonderful tool that allows you to quickly start an application without thinking where it is located. This speed, however, comes with a little downside. In order to perform its function, the Spotlight Search needs to constantly update its database and it does it on the background.

To check if the Spotlight Search is a culprit of wheel-spinning start Activity Monitor and check for processes named mds , mdworker , and mdimport. If one of the processes is consistently consuming a lot of CPU you may switch it off for specific drives of folders. Check for viruses.

Macs can get viruses and malware, so having antivirus installed is always a good idea. Check here for the list of recommended anti-viruses for Macs. MacOS is built by programmers and even best programmers introduce bugs. In case if it was turned on your Mac try to get the latest updates and see if they fix the problems. Finally, waits can be caused by restricted permissions. If the files that the application is trying to access internally are not allowed to be open because permissions got messed up the application gets stuck. Fortunately, this particular issue was fixed in OSX El Capitan, but if you are still on the older version of MacOS it makes sense to check the permissions.

Image Credit: Pixabay. Hi, I am Al. I've been working with computers for more than 20 years and I am passionate about Apple products. You can reach me at al macmyths. Skip to content. A little bit of history Originally the spinning wheel looked like a black and white magnetic disk. The spinning wheel may appear under various conditions. The spinning wheel appears frequently for a short period time As explained above the spinning wheel is a wait cursor and it indicates that your computer is busy doing some work.

Start Activity Monitor by doing one of the following: Open Finder. Go to Applications and then to Utilities folder. Find Activity Monitor and start it.

Rainbow Spinning Pinwheel of Death - Explained! (Mac) [Spinning Beachball]

Start Spotlight Search by pressing Command and Space. In the search window type in Activity Monitor and hit Enter. How to fix memory pressure? Add more memory. Unfortunately, this solution is not always possible. For the last 3 years, most MacBooks had their RAM soldiered which means you cannot extend the memory.

The only time when the upgrade is possible during purchase. I found a link which lists MacBook models that can be upgraded for a fee.

Beware The Spinning Rainbow Beach Ball of Death!

To be clear, I am not suggesting to use their services, just use it as a tool to find upgrade eligibility. Reduce the number of applications running. This includes the applications you are running concurrently and applications running on the background. If you are using editing a particular big document in Word or Excel, it makes sense to close all other applications.

Disk pressure Generally speaking, the disk pressure is when the number of disk operations exceeds the possible disk throughput. Free space on startup drive is needed for memory swapping discussed above. Less disk space available for memory swapping more often the operating swaps. As a result, the computer will run even slower. Additionally, a disk is required for other applications to store their temporary files and lack of space may cause application crashes.

Mac allows setting energy saving parameters and it is possible that you have changed those settings a while and completely forgot about them. However, there is a setting that puts hard disk to sleep and as a result cause a wait.

Spinning Ball: What's the Quick Fix?

To check the settings, open Energy Saver settings by doing one of the following: Click on Apple logo in the menu bar in the top left screen and in a list that drops down click on System Parameters option. Then find and open the Energy Saver folder which is represented with a light bulb icon.

Spotlight Search by pressing Command and Space.

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In the search window type in Energy Saver and hit Enter. External devices If you have an external DVD drive the applications that access it, e. This will most likely to kill the non-responding app. When rebooting the application will be killed. If there were some other dependent components in the memory which were causing instability issues they would be flushed out. It even makes sense to periodically perform a soft reboot from Apple menu so all programs in bad states can get back to initial states.

Safari One of the applications that routinely gets hung up on a spinning wheel is Safari. How to stop spinning wheel without losing work in Word or Excel Wait for several minutes.

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Other possible causes of SPOD Background processes When you have a computer for a while you naturally keep installing new applications. Spotlight Search Spotlight Search is a wonderful tool that allows you to quickly start an application without thinking where it is located.

Viruses Check for viruses. Software updates MacOS is built by programmers and even best programmers introduce bugs. Permissions problems Finally, waits can be caused by restricted permissions. When I bought my first Mac it was Mac mini , I absolutely hated it.

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If you have less than 10 GB of free space available, delete some files or programs that you don't need anymore. Update your apps and operating system. The freezing you're experiencing may be a known bug that was fixed with a more recent version of the program or the OS X operating system. Updating your software may fix the problem you're having. Click the Apple menu and select "Software Update". Download and install any available updates. This tool will find and install updates for your operating system and any apps installed through the Mac App Store.

Update non-App Store apps individually. If you've installed programs from outside of the app store, you'll need to run each program's Update tool or install the latest version from the website. Disconnect all of your peripherals. Sometimes a problem with a device may cause your computer to freeze. Unplug all of your peripheral devices, including printers, scanners, and external hard drives or thumb drives. Plug the devices back in one at a time and test each one to see if the freezing happens.