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Thrash said:. The card reader, nor the card is visible. Everything is checked. Keep in mind, I DO see it on the desktop, after I boot the machine with the card inserted. Thanks a lot for the suggestions! What format is the card in? Just a wild one as this is baffling, I can only think that either something on the card itself to it's format is causing this.

Fishrrman macrumors P6. Feb 20, 17, 5, Yes, I -know- you're thinking "why should I have to do that when the Mac already -has- a card reader? Fishrrman said:. ScoobyMcDoo macrumors Nov 26, 1, 34 Austin, TX. Using the terminal, type the command: Code:. ScoobyMcDoo said:.

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Last edited: Mar 24, Have you looked at the console when you insert and remove the SD card to see if it has any hints? I'm thinking that this is a faulty card It's all that's left. Try it in an identical machine if you can and se what happens,.

Nermal Moderator Staff member. Dec 7, 18, 1, New Zealand. How quickly are you inserting the card? Nermal said:.

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I solved it! I'm glad I didn't give up. It had nothing to do with ANY of the stuff mentioned in this entire thread so far. How did I get it out? Turned machine off!! Now it mounts the cards perfectly! One card does not work, even if plugged in during boot. Because that's the card the plastic came from, so it can no longer press the little "activation" switch in the port. Now it works, and Mac life is good again!

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Thanks to all you guys, who tried to help me! But after reading your post, I have tried everything from very fast to very slow, while eyeballing the screen. But no change.. Thanks a lot for the idea, though! Calpos macrumors newbie. May 5, 2 0. Please see this short video I made:. Calpos said:. Jul 9, 1 0.

I have signed up to say I think you are my Mac Superheor my sd slot has not been working for months thought I had a mac problem, tonight decided to look at it found your thread within 3 mins, found the broken piece of plastic within a minute, watched your youtube clip and felt your pain as you sighed at the end after all your painstaking efforts to solve the problem and said a huge thank you to you for saving me the stress….

PowerGirl1 macrumors newbie. Nov 25, 1 0. OMG I Love you so much!!!! I thought my mac was faulty and hadnt been working for months.

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I work as a tech, so I keep these kinds of things in my toolbag. The ideas is that if you can boot the iMac off another disk running High Sierra and the card slot works, then you know it must be something corrupted about the High Sierra installation that was performed.

You might try reinstalling the OS. You should be able to do a reinstall-in-place and keep your user folder intact. Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Created a new user, still not working.

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