Dawn of war 2 mac port

Shame on you CA, seems like you really don't care customers and see them as gullible fools. And yes, I signed up just to post this despite following Total War all the way from the very first Shogun. Someone on Steam where I posted this suggested it could be due to differences in cut taken by either platform, but all the links I've looked at say give the same percentage for either platform.

Post edited by psychjoe on October October edited October It's stupid, they're charging more for the Mac App version when it has less in it, such as no modding, multiplayer and other things I think. Then again, anyone who buys a Mac is either foolish enough to buy the game for that price, or has the money to spend on it. Balancing is a far more intricate thing than looking at who wins a 1v1 fight.

Apple takes a larger portion of the sale when things are sold on their app store. Same thing when you make an app and submit it to the store. In order for the publisher or developer to recuperate the loss of profit they must increase the price.

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Oh please. There is no secret plot to take advantage of mac users. This is entirely Apple's fault becasue they are extremely greedy and take a lot more money for themselves, thus the developer has to charge more to make up the difference. Honestly, why would you even bother gaming with a mac in the first place? Rig CPU: i5 k 3.

I think the simplest answer is that they made the game for PC, and had to spend additional time and resources porting it to make it Mac compatible. So if they had to spend additional time and resources to port it to Mac, then it would stand to reason they would charge a little more to have an equal profit margin? I thought that was Sega. Irrelevant as there is less in the Mac App Store version, and there's already a Mac Steam version, and that costs the same price. It's either localization of the currency or lack of it, in this case or Apple charging extra.

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