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At least the ability to read them, and possibly write 2.

I tested this many times. The metadata handling was broken in Seashore, so I fixed that as well. What's your goal for publishing Seashore on the App Store? Financing further development? The only goal is to continue the life of Seashore. I honestly believe that at some point only applications provided through the App Store are going to be acceptable for installation — for security reasons. It would be awesomeif it was featured, but it probably needs a UI refresher by a graphic designer. I derive no economic benefit from Seashore — on the App Store or anywhere else. Speaking of which, do you have any interest in bringing in more people to work on the project, whether writing code or designing UI or writing tutorials or creating new website etc.?

But the landscape on macOS has changed a lot since then. First, Pixelmator, Acorn, and a few more similar applications arrived. Then Adobe moved to subscription-based licensing, which gave rise to even more popular projects such as Affinity Photo.

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Has any of that affected your vision of Seashore? It was not my vision either — it was Mark Pazolli's. I used a lot of imaging programs, including Photoshop, and I still think Seashore has a great balance of features vs.

Current Stable Version

What would you say are the big things you want to work on in Seashore next? What are the most annoying itches that you want to scratch? There are a few things on my radar. The current setup is easier to work with, but for certain editing chores the floating detached tools, layers, etc makes some operations easier. What about better PSD support? That may be a better solution. I still think being able to open the latest GIMP files in at least some fashion would be beneficial.

Any idea if the rest was lost during the initial rewrite? Nothing was changed. Still, it should be able to handle any native Cocoa format, but the way the file handling was implemented gets in the way. I may look at fixing that. It also supports importing SVG but this requires an external helper program — not easy via App Store due to sandboxing. Do you see masks and layer groups as too advanced features to support masks were originally available in GIMP, layer groups were only added to v2. We rely on community funding to publish in-depth articles and news posts. Please subscribe to monthly donations via Patreon:.

Or learn about more support options here. About Donate Sitemap Privacy Posts. What did you start with?

Key Features of GIMP Free Photo Editor

Did you end up switching Seashore to its own file format? Other than this GIMP is portable.

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You can run it from an external USB device with ease. While Photoshop does not offer any such functionality, it eats your hard-disk space only. Flexibility plays a very crucial role to help you making the worthy decision in picking the right tool.

Meet Seashore, free image editor for macOS with GIMP roots

GIMP and Photoshop both are very extensible tools. They offer a number of features both basic and advance to make your editing smooth. These features could easily be added with the help of different plugins.

FX-Foundry is a huge mega-pack of more than separate image processing scripts. When you download and install FX Foundry it will appear in the main menu. It offers you a number of advanced features like image effects, selection effects, animation, shapes etc to help you tailor your image according to your wish. Resynthesizer is another very useful plugin that allows you to select anything you want to remove or erase from the image.

It offers you the functionality to remove any unwanted thing from your image without a trace.

GIMP for Mac - Download

Restart GIMP and changes will be updated. Save for web is a very easy to use and handy plugin.

It is very useful especially in sizing and selecting the file format while saving. GIMP Photo Studio is a pack of designing components like brushes, palettes, patterns, gradients, tool preset etc. It helps GIMP to support image depth of 16 bit at most. However, in the forthcoming update of GIMP, they have announced many more features and also support for higher bit depth.

GIMP and Photoshop are very easy to use tools. They offer a very friendly interface. In the profile folder.

GIMP vs Photoshop: Which one is the Designers’ Choice?

GIMP shortcuts will now be same as Photoshop. The new Photoshop CC offers a lot more new functionality that makes the program much faster, easier and efficient. There are new video tools, RAW 7 and others. Occasional designers might not consider it worthy to pay such a large sum of money when they can get similar features for free.

A few of these add-ons are free while the others are paid. GIMP, on the other hand, is an open-source program and is available free to install and use.