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At your disposal is a collection of parts, which must be assembled to create a functional ship. Each part has its own function and will affect the way a ship flies or doesn't. So strap yourself in, and get ready to try some Rocket Science! What do you need to know about free software?

Download Kerbal Space Program Demo 0.18.2 (MAC)

Explore Further. Publisher's Description. Pros Fun to build and test space ships Cons Bad business practices. Results 1—1 of 1 1. Please Wait.

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Submit Your Reply. Build ships with multiple stages, and jettison parts away as they burn out. Full control over the staging sequence allows for complex ships and advanced functionality. Or use the Mission Planner to create your own missions. Manage your Space Program. Hire astronauts, train them, research and improve parts. And a whole lot more! KSP is still under development, so many things are not yet as they should be.

We are working hard to be constantly improving the game however, and it will be regularly updated with bug fixes and new content, so make sure to check back for new versions. We are also always listening to feedback from the players, and we welcome ideas and suggestions.

Build your own rocket and launch it into space!

Currently the game is being built as an open sandbox. There are no objectives yet. You're free to build anything you can think of, and fly it wherever you want, even into orbit. It added a delta-v readout for every stage in the editor and flight, along with capability for removing helmets on EVA , and visual changes for parts.

  1. Build your own rocket and launch it into space!.
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  7. It added a precise maneuver node editor, more in-depth orbital information to the in flight UI, a ground level mode for the in flight altimeter, and visual changes for parts. It has since been released and includes an improved user interface for easier data gathering and summary, pre-made lessons that focus on certain constructions, options to use the metric system , and a "robust pedagogy " that includes information outside of the game that ties into its content. Released on 1 April , it is based on the real-life initiative to send humans out to study asteroids.

    Kerbal Space Program - Download

    The majority of the game's music was provided by royalty-free composer Kevin MacLeod , with the rest of the soundtrack having been written by Squad's in-house composer Victor Machado. The game's main theme was composed by lead designer Felipe Falanghe and arranged by Machado.

    In January , one of Squad's developers had finally broke the silence on the official forums, and admitted that despite initial enthusiasm to release the game on the Wii U, they claimed that various "external factors" has forced them to reevaluate supporting the console. They added that additional details will be announced at a later date. On 17 March , Squad announced a full expansion for the game; called Making History , it would be paid and contain new features.

    These new features included Mission Builder, which would allow players to create and edit their missions that players could complete by launching and operating various rockets and ships in the game, and History Pack, which would provide designed missions simulating important historical space endeavors that have been completed in real life.

    Key Features

    Squad announced on 7 February that the expansion would be released on 13 March Squad announced in May that Kerbal Space Program has been acquired by publisher Take-Two Interactive ; this acquisition does not affect Squad's development or plans for the game and early backers will still get free DLC, and with Take-Two's help as a publisher, better support Kerbal Space Program on consoles to keep those versions to-date alongside the personal computer ones.

    In late May , Squad released the Breaking Ground expansion, which includes servos, pistons, redesigned space suits, and experiments which can be deployed to earn science over time. Kerbal Space Program 2 was announced at Gamescom on August 19, The game is being developed by Star Theory and Private Division, with projected release date some time in The sequel will build on the current sandbox features of Kerbal Space Program, while at the same time introducing new propulsion methods e. The public alpha and beta releases were well received.

    Many publications have spoken positively of the game, praising its replay value and creative aspects, including Kotaku , [46] Rock, Paper, Shotgun , [8] [47] IGN , [48] GameSpy , [49] Eurogamer , [9] Polygon , [15] and Destructoid. In their review, Edge thought that "The magic of Kerbal Space Program is not just that it manages to be both a game and a simulation, a high-level educational tool and something that is fun to simply sit and tinker with. It's that, in combination, these qualities allow for a connection with real history and real human achievement Its ultimate promise to the player is not that you'll crack a puzzle that has been set by a designer, but that you'll crack a puzzle set by reality.

    In the hours after its Steam early access release on 20 March , Kerbal Space Program was one of the platform's top 5 best-selling games, as well as the best seller on Steam for Linux. Squad has also released physical merchandise such as clothing and plush toys. In March , Squad and 3D printing service Eucl3D announced a partnership that would allow players to order 3D printed models of their craft.

    The game has crossed over into the scientific community with scientists and members of the space industry displaying an interest in the game, including NASA [3] [53] , SpaceX 's Elon Musk , [54] and ESA. Squad has added a NASA-based Asteroid Redirect Mission pack to the game, allowing players to track and capture asteroids for mining and study.

    Squad has also developed an official mod for the game centered around observing and tracking threatening asteroids, named "Asteroid Day".

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    The mod was developed in partnership with the B Foundation. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Squad Private Division Enhanced Edition. WW : 27 April NA : 12 July WW : 15 July WW : 16 January This section needs expansion.

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    You can help by adding to it. May International Business Times. Retrieved 19 May Rock, Paper, Shotgun. Penny Arcade.

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