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I have used both Fink and MacPorts, but do not like having an entirely separate system of installs. People can contribute new formulas; they are Ruby scripts that do the steps required to build the package. Any one using this yet? QuickLook plugins for more scientific data file formats would be really nice.

Enable Front Row In Mac OS X Lion

Any one have an HDF 5 plugin? Modern IDL offers IDL programmers one place to look for explanation, techniques, and reference material, for beginners and advanced users alike. But I've always wanted a thorough, concise, up-to-date overview of the the IDL language and its vast capabilities. This is exactly what Mike's book provides in very informative pages Highly recommended! I'm a software developer focusing on high-performance computing and visualization in scientific programming.

TaskDL is a task-farming solution for IDL designed for problems with loosely-coupled, parallel applications where no communication between nodes of a cluster is required. This book also contains: a thorough tutorial on the core topics of IDL; a comprehensive introduction to the object graphics system; common problems and gotchas with many examples; advanced topics not normally found are discussed throughout the book: regular expressions, object graphics, advanced widget programming, performance, object-oriented programming, etc.


IDLdoc is an open source utility for generating documentation from IDL source code and specially formatted comments. Category "Mac" Archived posts from category "Mac". Mathpix is a great idea, executed well: The Mathpix desktop app allows users to take screenshots of math equations and paste the extracted Latex, all with a single keyboard shortcut. There are a couple things in general that I am looking forward to using more: Better handling of multiple displays: you can have a different full screen application on each monitor, you can have a separate set of spaces for each monitor.

Some features over the old bundle: handles DLM files, i. No Comments. OS X Images are retina sized, i. Mac OS X I think it is mostly due to the new window creation animation. Spaces have been changed a bit to work with the new Mission Control feature.

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I had a 2 x 3 grid of spaces previously, but Lion only supports a 1-dimensional array of spaces, so now I have a single row of six spaces. Scrolling is, by default, backwards from the current direction, but there is a preference value to change it back to the Snow Leopard way. I suppose if I had a Magic Trackpad I would give the new way a try, but I use a regular mouse with a scroll wheel, so I stuck to the old way.

Most people are reporting an easy installation from the Mac App Store, but I had some difficulty. After Lion was downloaded, my Mac rebooted and the installer hung. It reported that it had 33 minutes to go for several hours. I tried again and it appeared to hang again, but I left it going all day as I was at work.

When I come back, it had installed. This build adds support for macOS Mojave. This is the recommended stable build. It fixes an important security issue. This is the current stable version. It contains some important bug fixes. It contains a bunch of bug fixes. It contains a bunch of bug fixes, including fixes for some crashers. It contains fixes for macOS Sierra, security improvements, bug fixes, and it fixes a crash. It contains bug fixes. This build fixes many bugs including a frequent crash.

Anyone running iTunes 10.7 on El Capitan?

This build contains a number of bug fixes. It is updated to work well with El Capitan. It contains a bug fixes for El Capitan. It requires OS X This build has a limited set of features but supports OS If you have an Intel Mac that runs OS This is the recommended beta build for most users. This build contains an important security fix and all beta users should install it. This build fixes a security issue. All beta users should upgrade.

Users of 3. This fixes some serious bugs with macOS Mojave support. This build is recommended for users on macOS This beta adds support for macOS Mojave. This version adds support for Mojave and is a release candidate. This is the recommended beta build. This is the third beta of 3. Compared to 3.

Airfoil 5.8.7

Compared to the previous 3. This is the second beta of 3. This is the first beta for 3. It has gobs of new features and a handful of bug fixes. This is the current beta on the 3. It contains bug fixes and small improvements. It contains a bunch of bug fixes, including fixes for a crasher. It contains a humongous number of bug fixes, improves how Automatic Profile Switching works, and a lot more.

Check the release notes if you don't believe me. It contains a bunch of bug fixes, including fixes for some crashers, plus some performance improvements. It contains a bunch of bug fixes, including fixes for some crashers, plus some minor performance improvements. It has major changes over 2.

Airfoil Release Notes

Learn all about the iTerm2 version 3 beta release. It contains many bug fixes and is quite stable. It fixes some bugs present in 2. It has fixes for crashes on It is a release candidate for v2. This is the version 2. It contains a bug fixes, including fixes for some crashers. It contains a bunch of bug fixes, including a fix for a crashing bug. It contains a bug fixes and improvements for Mavericks users.

It contains a few bug fixes, including fixes for some crashers, and improves Unicode text rendering. It contains a bunch of bug fixes improving Mavericks compatibility plus some performance improvements. It includes performance improvements and is the first build to support Mavericks.

It fixes a bug with drawing Emoji on OS It contains a large number of bug fixes since the last beta, plus added support for italics and tiled background images. A nightly build is made at midnight Pacific time on days where a change was committed. The change log may be seen on Github. Nightly builds sometimes have serious bugs. Older nightly builds may be found in the nightly build archives.

Stable Releases Stable releases update rarely but have no serious bugs. All users should upgrade. The Mozilla Foundation has generously sponsored a security audit of the iTerm2 source code. As part of this audit, a problem was discovered which could cause iTerm2 to issue commands in response to receiving certain input. This is a serious security issue because in some circumstances it could allow an attacker to execute commands on your machine when you view a file or otherwise receive input they have crafted in iTerm2.