How to download pictures from android to mac pro

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To start transferring the pictures from your smartphone, here are the easy steps: Open the Mac Finder on your computer. Search for the Android File Transfer on the list of available drives. Click on the Android drive icon.

Part 1. Best ways to transfer photos from Android to Mac

Follow these steps: On your smartphone, install the AirDroid app. After the installation, go to your MacBook and visit AirDroid. Create an account on the website. If you wish to set it up so any photos you saved on the app will automatically be accessible on your Mac, do the following: Install Google Photos Uploader on your Mac. Install the Google Drive sync app.

This app will sync Google Drive on your computer. Access Google Drive from a browser. Afterward, select the Google Photos option.

Android File Transfer

From there, make sure the Google Photos folder in your Google Drive is selected. Post Views: Please and thank you! This will start the import process in bulk. You can also import them directly from iPhoto from the Android by connecting it as a USB drive, but it seems slower. Wow I did it, with the help of the instructions on this page!

Move content manually from your Android device to your iOS device

I want to copy my photos from my Galaxy Nexus to my iMac. While I want a copy of all the photos on my iMac, I do want to retain some on my phone. Can someone answer this, please? Try reconnecting or restarting your device.

Feasible Ways to Download Photos from Android to Mac

Help meeee!!!: Question, could it be that the android transfer app allows me to only drag one photo at a time? The problem is that neither of these programs recognize my phone…a OnePlus 3T running Nougat.

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Has anyone had similar problems or know how to fix it? You can use backup programs. And the android transfer app allows you to save a lot of time to transfer or backup text messages, contacts, photos, and other media files like videos, music files. Have 1 yr old iMac and Galaxy 4S Android 4. Followed the instructions, several times, but nothing.

Mail, contacts, and calendars

Hi I need help. I am trying to transfer photos from my Android to Mac OS. I downloaded the Android File Transfer app to my Mac.

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  • I got up to the point where I can copy the files from phone to desktop. Any help would be appreciated. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited.

    How to Transfer Files Between Android and Mac

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